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All seals and parts are made by injection and compression moulding, full vacuum, mechanical cutting blade at high frequency and extrusion. All processes are followed by skilled personnel constantly updated on the latest technologies.

Prototyping moulding is a phase necessary in the early stages of the project. During the developing phase of the prototypes, New Rubber selects the materials suitable for the specific application and manufactures all the parts by moulding with driver equipment. This technique allows the customer to test the product with final material characteristics and shapes preserving a limited initial investment and reduced execution times.

The mixing process allows the production of the rubber compounds, silicone and polyurethane, in open mixer. As far as all subsequent phases concerns, it is possible to develop the materials, according to the specific characteristics of the product.

This process is used for gaskets and parts in rubber and silicone, both with metal and plastic inserts, for medium and large volume. It is also possible to automatize the equipment for repetitive series.

It is also possible to produce seals in special sizes and in large volumes with particular compounds. This process is used for rubberize the rolls and for any item in small series thanks to our presses with various dimensional capabilities up to a length of 2000 mm.

This process is used to produce products in complex shapes or with specific compounds, the vacuum system removes the imperfections caused by the inclusion of air or gas during the phase of vulcanisation.

Alternative to water jet cutting, this process is particularly effective and competitive for quick implementation of products and prototypes and for the maximum optimization of the materials. It is also possible to cut graphite with steel foil and plastic sheets; no specific equipment is needed, but just the drawing in dwg or dxf format.

System for laser marking with working area of 1000x1000 mm, marking of alphanumeric codes and logos on particulars and gaskets