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New Rubber has been producing technical parts and gaskets with all types of rubber for over thirty years; production is almost entirely based on designs and on specific customer’s requirements.
The experience, given to the multitude of projects, the choice of the best raw materials available on the market and the reliability of our team, allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers, offering a high quality product range with faster response times reflecting the current needs.

The products manufactured are used in several applicatory fields such as food production processes and bottling plants, pharmaceutical industry and packaging, electronic components, petrochemicals, electrical equipment, pumps and drinking/ marine water treatment, rail, shipbuilding or aerospace .

Pneumatic seals are usually used in food or pharmaceutical processes, for sealing doors or moving parts, where it is not possible to reach a satisfactory result with traditional seals. They are equipped with valves or fittings for inflation. They can also be made on request in certified materials for food contact, resistant to high temperatures.

They are suitable for foods processes, industrial, as they are insulating and deadening, made from rubber sheets, silicone, foam and compact polyurethane . They can also be in laminated graphite for chemical or thermal seals, plastic materials.

Generally, the rollers used in plants are rubberized by polymers with different characteristics in order to avoid the sliding and getting resistance to wear and chemical resistance. They can also be realized with material certified for food contact or processed on inserts supplied by the customer or in full supply.

They are built for applications requiring a rigid support in addition to the elastic properties of the rubber. They can be realized with any type of metal and with fabric or plastic inserts resistant to temperature. They can also be vulcanized with compounds suitable for every application.

Our bellows are suitable for protection against dust or liquid and for all moving parts or sliding, where it is necessary to ensure adequate shelter for moving parts. They are particularly used in food and pharmaceutical equipments to protect from the washing and sanitizing cycles in aseptic areas.

Our gaskets are used in any industrial or food application requiring a static or dynamic tight. They are available in any kind of shapes and sizes. Also, with a wide choice of materials and technologies available, it is possible to satisfy any need.