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New Rubber srl has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015; the company uses the processes of product approval (PPAP) and statistical monitoring (FMEA), for food contact products and it applies the system approved according to CE 2023 2006 (Good Manufacturing Practice), necessary protocol in order to guarantee the complete conformity of the products, according to the Regulation EC No. 1935: 2004

Certificato ISO 9001:2018  Certificate ISO 9001:2018

Quality Policy

politica della qualita


We apply procedures to obtain the required results, starting from the customer's needs, from analysis of specific and specifications, we test the feasibility of the project, even with pilot equipment and eventual laboratory tests, so as to define the correct production and control processes necessary to achieve this goal.

We keep constantly updated the focal points to ensure high quality products and services, by implementing and replacing production facilities and testing equipment with the latest technology in the market, by creating and constantly updating the staff, and taking advantage of the support of bodies accredited and external laboratories.


The starting point for the production of high quality products starts from the choice of materials and the expertise of those who works them, we only use materials of leading brands and processing companies certified, established partners that can provide adequate support to the development of new products and guarantee quality of the materials.

Dimensional and quality controls

The products are constantly monitored during production processes according to quality and statistical criteria, adequate checks are performed with automatic optical inspection to ensure full compliance, dimensional controls are carried out with conventional instruments and systems of artificial vision for the measurement without contact according to AQL (UNI ISO 2859).